Sewing Machine

Set Up Singer Creative Touch Fashion Machine 1036

Cord and Pedal Set Up
  • Align rounded side of plug with corresponding outlet on lower right side of sewing machine and push tight. (See Figures A & B)
Figure A
Figure B
  1. Plug electrical plug into wall outlet
  2. Place pedal on floor within reach of your driving foot
  3. Turn on slow speed using switch on right side above cord (see Figure C) The light will turn on.
Figure C
Thread machine/needle
  • Select your thread color and hold it so that the thread comes over the top (See Figures D & E)
Figure D
Figure E
  • Remove the cap from the spindle on the sewing machine (See Figures F & G)
Figure F
Figure G
  • Place the thread on the spindle, replace the cap, and weave the thread through the machine following the steps in Figures H through K and Table 1.
Figure H
Figure I
Figure J
Figure K
Table 1
Step Description
1 Pull thread so it snaps in to the groove on the post
2 Continue pulling thread over metal hook
3 Go under the lid and over the 2 metal staples
4 Continue to pull thread to bottom of groove
5 Go around the base of the groove and back up through the notch (if this is not showing, turn the handle on the right side towards you until it does) – see close up in Figure K
6 Go back down and through the notch (using your fingers to put a bend in the thread will help insert the thread into this notch)
7 Go behind the tongue and around the metal loop
8 Pull thread in front of needle and insert through the eye of the needle
Wind the Bobbin
  • The bobbins for this machine have a top and bottom. The top has black lines and a slit. (See Figure L) Note: empty bobbins are clear plastic. The one has pink colored thread already wound on it to make it easier to see.
Figure L
  • Open the bobbin case by sliding the top towards you and insert the bobbin, top side up. (See Figures M through O)
Figure M
Figure N
Figure O
  • Move the lever on the left side of Figure O two clicks down so that it covers the bobbin as in Figure P
Figure P
  • Wrap the thread from the eye of the needle over the knob by going back, over the top, and to the front as in Figures Q and R. The thread will lie next to the knob seen in Figure Q, not next to the presser foot attachment.
Figure Q
Figure R
  1. Gently depress pedal to move the machine at a moderate speed
  2. Do not hold on to thread once machine is moving
  3. Watch as the bobbin fills to ensure it does not go past the outer black ring (also known as the fill line)
  4. When bobbin is full, release pedal and slide bobbin case cover back in to place to move latch into sewing position.
  5. Pull thread to back left along the base of the machine with presser foot up and cut
  6. Machine is now set up. Starting sewing will be covered in another section
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